Under the American occupation of the Philippines, and while mainstream Hispanic Filipinos were exterminated by the million, the American eye felt inclined to portray the peoples who gave an impression of rusticity and wilderness in remote, non-Malay, not deeply Hispanized areas of the Philippines,both justifying their uplifting aims and the wonder and consent of Americans at home.
Pictures: American photos of the colonial period, belonging to Dean C. Worcester, member of ht first Philippine Comission and minister of the Interior of the colonial government, and army officer Tiffany Bernard Williams, both collections kept and shown at the University of Michigan digital collections Address: quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/i/image/image-idx?page=index;c=sclphilimg
Song: Déjame recordar, by Bola de Nieve
Quién de la vida borrará
mi recuerdo y te hará olvidar
este amor
hecho de sangre y dolor.
Pobre amor
que nos vio a los dos llorar
y nos hizo también soñar y reír,
cómo dejó de existir?
Hoy que se ha perdido
déjame recordar
el fuerte latido
del adiós del corazón que se va
sin saber adónde irá,
y yo sé que no volverá
este amor,
pobre amor.

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