Actor/author Shane Briant is a compelling, unforgettable new voice in suspense and terror fiction. In his riveting debut novel, WORST NIGHTMARES (Vanguard Press; May 2009; $19.95), Briant leads us deep into the mind of a depraved and brutal serial killer in a tale that is both a
tantalizing thriller and a story of unraveling
friendship, love, and betrayal. What would we do,
if we discovered that the key to our deepest desire also locked us forever in our worst nightmare?

Shane has starred in 36 films in the U.S.A, the U.K., Europe and Australia. He worked with Paul Newman and James Mason in 'The Mackintosh Man', played Jack Palance's son in 'Hawk the Slayer,' starred opposite Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson in 'Shaker Run' to name but a few films during this period.

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