a. Using mostly machines because they are set up to put you in the proper position so that you use correct form. It helps to avoid injuries and makes it easier to learn how to do the exercise.
b. All movements are slow and controlled. Don’t want to drop weights suddenly or use momentum.
c. Breathing – exhale on exertion (when doing the work) and inhale upon release.
d. Start out with a weight that is challenging by the last few repetitions. For example, we’ll be doing 10 reps of each exercise so by number 7 or 8 it should feel challenging.
e. Always want to warm-up for at least 5 minutes beforehand to get blood flowing through the muscles. Helps prevent muscle pulls and injury.
f. Start with large muscle groups (legs, chest, back) and work your way down to smaller muscles (shoulders, biceps, triceps).

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