Select scenes from my senior thesis film, "Married Girl".

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor -
Alexandra Lopez

Cinematographer -
Michael Borowiec

Executive Producers -
Alexandra & Rigoberto Lopez Sr.

Associate Producers -
Alan Lapointe
Rigoberto Lopez
Laura O' Reilly

Assistant Director - Alan Lapointe

Sound Recording - Samantha Marine

Additional Sound - Jamie Wright

Lighting - Taylor Williams

Transportation - Rigoberto Lopez
Jamie Wright

Vic - Rigoberto Lopez
Jane - Stacy Rock
Agent Jay - Thomas De Josia
Marcus - Alan Lapointe
Gladis - Myla Pitt
Dick - Richard Scott
Gucci - Elia Monte- Brown
Bartender - Alexandra Lopez
Fionna - Montea Robinson
Cesar - Cesar Victoria
Break dancer - Francisco "Shaman" Diaz

Hype Man - Nathan Rogers-Hancock
Vagina Producer - Sarah Semlear
Vagina Design and Construction - Sam Strezlec
Alexandra Lopez

Jake Meier
Emily Wilson
Olivia Jimenez
Lauren Flores
Samantha Marine
Sarah Semlear
Buddy Pease
Jenn Boronow
Darcie Wilder
Owen Man
Liam McGlynn
Alliah Sophia
Nina Hudson
Mysterious Frat Clown

Featuring music from
"Downtown" by Crosby
"Rock Creek Park" by The Blackbyrds
"Money" by Pink Floyd
"Motel Room" by Vic Ruggiero

Additional Beats by Rastyle

Opening Credits - Laura O' Reilly
Text by Kipton Hinsdale
Additional Tech Assistance - Jake Meier

Pretty Girls Carry Guns 2009

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