"mtvU Network IDs" was a series of 5 indents to allow viewers to know they were watching mtvU all while getting a feel for what the network was about.

The concept for these indents was of inclusion of the different sides of mtvU, a college oriented version of MTV. The initial idea was of indents that were lab oriented. From that I combined the ideology of a laboratory with that of the musical basis of the network.

This blossomed into "The Machine" a laboratory mesh up of factory and musical assets with a emphasis on a homemade flair. This working machine was ran by college/hipster like scientist named "The Soundologist". We follow both the machine and the soundologist interaction through the 5 different indents.

Creative Director: David McElwaine
Producer: Tina Corrado
Designer: Shaun Harrison
Character Design: Shaun Harrison
Animator: Shaun Harrison
Sound Design: David Perlick-Molinari

contact: shaunharrison83@gmail.com

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