Phil Conway contacted Tony Parker and I with the view to making a video which set out to tell a story using pictures relating to the positive aspects of caring for a disabled sibling, son or daughter. Phil set up a charity to give the unseen and unsung heros, the carers, a respite for short periods by sending a qualified carer to look after a loved one. The video was in effect saying, 'yes, life is tough, but it's not all bad'. He had experience of looking after his son Shaun who features in the video.

We also shot some interviews with some of the carers which were meant to be included in a later cut, but I guess budgets prevented this from happening, which is a pity as Phil's interview was very natural and totally from the heart.

In the storyboard for the shoot, I outlined a shot I wanted to do on a roundabout, with both camera pointing out from the centre to the subject on the roundabout with the background whipping by at z million miles an hour. Thanks to the lighting at the end of the day and a handy reflector, this came out as close to my mind's eye as anything I have ever shot. Dismounting from the roundabout proved slightly fraught, as giddiness nearly contributed to a broken camera!

Made using the Semi Pro Sony 450 DVCam, and after much communication, Sigur Ros did give their permission to use the Hoppipolla track for this very worthwhile charitable Video.

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