Just Another Lost Soul - Teaser Trailer

Premiers May 26th 2010 at the Crest Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles.

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Directed By - JP Castel
Written By - Kendra Arsenault
Director of Photography - Yusuke Sato

A young man raised in the urban community of Los Angeles is facing a critical crossroad in his maturity. After losing his job in the downsizing of the economy, Joshua McGowan is forced to make a choice to support his marriage. Joshua experiences the full pressure of societal conditions and is searching for relief and meaning to his circumstances. Tempted to re-enter a life of illegal hustling, he is given a much needed perspective. He is lead inside the lives of various individuals during the critical moments to understand the weight of the decisions they made and their underlying motives. Teetering between the dialogues of his mind, he battles with whether or not the fruit of these individual's life choices is evidence enough to motivate a change in his own trajectory.

Special Thanks to Jeremy Schieffelin - Composer

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