At the Geneva Auto Show (2008), Koenigsegg CCXR Edition, the machine of a dream, captured the attention and headlines in the world's most important automobile shows.
The planet's first green super car.; a clean machine. The Edition pistons pump 1,018 horse power and fuels itself with E85 or regular petrol. Visionary financier and co-designer Dag A Hoili wanted it that way. The Edition is a dream car of a Koenigsegg customer who gave the company some ideas and collaborated on how the car could become even tougher.

"The earlier models are already fantastic, but I like to compare this car to a Picasso: truly beautiful and rare.Something that anyone can fall in love with. " - D Hoili

The Edition's naked carbon fibre exposes the winding forms and beauty of the Koenigsegg body. In comparison to the standard Koeniggsegg, aside from the obvious carbon view is the detachable rear wing. Unusual for a Koenigsegg, but Hoili's idea also added a front slip, giving the car 3.5 times as much ground pressure.

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