The brief for our films was to show the UK sales teams & customers what it is really like to travel with Via Rail, so the customers know exactly what they see is what they get, unlike misleading big budget 'polished' promotional videos. This 'real experience' approach was exactly what VIA Rail Canada were after.

This film sees us journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia through the Maritimes and along the Atlantic coast towards Montreal. From Montreal we continue down towards Toronto before embarking on VIA Rail's flagship rail journey, 'The Canadian'. This see's us ride through the 'Canadian Shield', across the vast prairies and into the Rocky Mountains before arriving at our final destination, Vancouver.

Since completing this film VIA have not only distributed to sales teams and customers throughout the UK but across the world, including South America, Australia, Europe and Canada!

Written, Directed, Presented & Edited by Joe Jamieson
Co-Presented by Max Holdstock
Produced by Lee George
With Music Written, Performed & Recorded by Jon Mills
Special Thanks to VIA Rail Canada

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