Song: Witchdoctor
Artist: Little Red

Dir: D'Arcy Foley-Dawson
Prod: Adam Krongold, D'Arcy Foley-Dawson
DP: Stefan Duscio
Client: Hooch Hound Records
Date: June 2008

Editor: Chopper "Chop Chop" Dugan
Colourist: Grayton Hevern

Format: RED One 4k
Aspect Ratio: 2:1

The 'School for Wayward Girls' is an institution from a (not-too-distant) time when the state (and religious bodies) had more power to interfere in people's lives. Young girls who fell outside society's narrow boundaries of acceptable behaviour, and lacked the protection of a functioning family unit, were taken in by nuns whose aim was to get them on the right path (through hard labour and prayer). Nowadays we'd call them sluts and send them off to Brat Camp with a reality tv crew (and in six months do a short segment updating their progress).


Gardener - Richard Stearne

Girl White Dress - Kiloran Hiscock

Girl Black Dress - Jessica Tavares-Smith

Girl Blue Dress - Miranda Louey

Art Dept: Amelie Scalercio
Make-up: Phoebe Goulding
Hair: Kiloran Hiscock & Phoebe Goulding
Costume: Kiloran Hiscock

Special thanks to Lemac for their help with RED conform and grade (one of the first RED projects in Australia).

Made in Melbourne Australia.

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