music by the fleet foxes!
"white water hymnal"
"ragged wood"

a nearly 11 minute video featuring friends at eaglecrest highlighting the 2009/2010 season. 10 solid hours of sifting through all the footage, editing, color correction, refinements, and more.

the 2009/2010 season was a bit strange, but it was another great time, regardless. it started out with an amazing preseason, as myself, kaj, and sam demonstrate, followed by some airtime from richie, ryan, luke, and mark. after that, it got strange. you wont see much here, but we were sent to the groomers, scrounging for side hits and whatever we could find to have fun on, as there was almost no fresh snow to speak of, most of the time. but spring was growing near... and what a time it would be. things started to get good on a day that i filmed with luke, although it was terribly heavy, sticky, wet snow - the definition of mashed taters. not too much later, the good stuff came back, and the mountain was completely transformed from a barren wasteland of roped-off side hits (yeah, thanks eaglecrest... NOT) to powder for weeks and weeks. it was great! winter was saved. fresh snow became fairly regular, but we still made even more of a transition into typical spring, with lots of sun and super fun groomers. we had it all, really. blower pow in the morning, hot spring pow and super soft groomers in the afternoons, and bluebird skies. what more could you ask for? friends, of course, and there was no shortage of those either. so, while there was a long period of time where we were starting to wonder if we should stick around for the rest of the winter, i would say this was another grand season overall, for myself at least. anyone that tells you otherwise obviously stopped going when they thought it would never snow again - and man, did they miss out. march to the rescue once again!

thanks to everyone who made this winter another awesome time.. thanks to everyone who was filmed, and anyone who helped film. i hope you all had a lot of fun, and i hope youre not letting your season end just yet.. theres still plenty of snow up there!

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