The 'Have You Found It?' campaign refers to the passion, the dedication, the wave, the spot... or just the path that each of us wants to find. we sometimes look all over the world to only find it on our doorstop....

This is Supersaturated's first studio shoot, executed by a group of friends with dedication and passion for their chosen paths... they are:

Philip Trengove - dedicated portrait photographer without many peers although his focus just means he concentrates on what he loves and not what others think

Joe Cockle - dedicated water-sports photographer. his photos have graced many a pages of all the surf and wind based sports magazines in the UK

Si Holmes - A passionate musician, wandering and gigging looking for the break and focussing on nothing else but his country afro beats

Kelly Coldbreath - An individual dedicated to surfing, could talk about rocker and fins longer and harder than anyone else and a passionate board shaper...sick

Ned Taylor - kiting is his passion, whether on water or on land. his reputation as the most relaxed and easy to watch kitesurfer in the UK has helped him get recognition along with podium places.

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