Eric Ragan’s Minnie the Moocher

The story of Minnie, the red-hot hootchie cootchie dancer and her man as they kick the gong around in a colorful and exciting past era.

Music performed live by: Mary Ragan and the 23rd Street Band

Composer: Cab Calloway

Minnie Ericka Richcrick
Smokey Eric Ragan
King of Sweden/ Bartender Chip Scuderi
Chorus Girls Jaime Thompson, Melissa Holton, Karina Teran, Mari Yoh
the Gong Richard Ye, Matt Ting
the Cocks Mari Yoh, Jamie Thompson

Mary "Bootsie" Ragan (Vocals) and the 23rd Street Band
Albert Garzon (Piano), Alex Jeun (Trombone), Adrian Mira (Sax/Clarinet), David Perrott (Bass), Jacob Varmus (Trumpet), Brian Woodruff (Drums)

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