On July 3, 2003, a junior of Sumit Purohit in college, committed suicide, which shocked the college campus. What saddened the students was the way the college authorities handled the matter, shielding the facts from the media. Amitabh Pandey, a batch-mate of the deceased, witnessed the suicide, capturing all of it on his handy-cam. Pandey came from a well-connected political family. When the college sided with him on this incident, the other half of the story got buried in police records. Finally almost after four years Sumit decided to take a plunge and convince all of those involved about speaking it out and to share it with others. This film is not just about someone committing suicide and another person filming it. It is about our obsession to such images. It is about increasing voyeuristic tendency of human mind and how news media is becoming cannibalistic to satisfy this desire of our mind...

"...gripping and important viewing. -- Uma Da Cunha. Film India Worldwide

"interesting concept...makes mockery of media & voyeuristic society." -- Namrata Joshi, Film Critic - Outlook

"...very impressive...truly intriguing... set up as a terrific thriller." - Pratim Dasgupta, Film Critic - Telegraph

"...very original concept and executed really well. Devastating and disturbing on a lot of levels".- Mihir Fadnavis, Film Critic

"...very gripping narrative...what a well crafted ride!" - Gautam Chintamani, Film Critic

"Catches you offguard in its simplicity before blowing you away with its import." -- Karan Anshuman, Film Critic - Mumbai Mirror

"I thought it was fab. Best short in recent times" -- Sona Jain, Filmmaker

"...unn kuchh ginni-chunni filmon mein se hai jihne main apni maan kar besharmi se promote karta hoon." -- Mihir Pandya, Film Critic

"It's a fantastic film - shocking, disturbing, powerful. One of the best shorts I have seen." -- Rony Dcosta, Film Critic

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