This video is the Title Sequence from the film "The Sacred" which I finished up in October of 2009.

*As of November 2010, The Sacred won Best Sound Effects at the 2010 Killer Film Festival.

This version has only the Sound Design stem I created and nothing else. Some of the sounds were later dropped to make room for the music or for whatever reason. Personally, I sort of like it without the music even though I like the music as well. It just feels much creepier with only the Sound Design.

This version is a Stereo Fold-Down from my original 5.1 surround stem mix.

Most of the sounds I used to create this sequence (and most of the core sound design for the entire film) were field recordings of my daughter talking and laughing, prepared and tortured violin as well as prepared and tortured piano. There were a few other field recordings of struck and bowed metal, burning analog tape and some other randomness. The original sounds were recorded on a Sound Devices 722 using a Sennheiser MKH416-P48 Shotgun Condenser and the stock/onboard Sound Devices preamps. I then printed the sounds to a 2" Studer analog tape deck at 30ips. and re-recorded back into Pro Tools at 15 and 7.5ips. They were then further processed using a mass of different DSP utilities and plug-ins. The Sound Design was mostly done within Cockos' "REAPER" DAW and then additional sound design was done in Pro Tools, which was also used to sync and mix in surround.

All 100% Original, nothing taken from a stock library. Pure SynSynth Sound Design madness.

- James Kojac
Syndicate Synthetique

*** I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the following people and their respective teams, who's work on their software helped make my sound design on The Sacred possible. I abused their software to an absurd extent while working on this film. Please check out their creations and help support their amazing work.

- Justin Frankel, the creator of the "Reaper" DAW.
More info about the "REAPER" DAW here:

- Tom Erbe, the creator of the "Soundhack" family of plug-in's and DSP utilities.
More info about "Soundhack" here:

- Kieran Foster, the creator of the DBlue "Glitch" plug-in.
More info about "Glitch" here:

- Nasca Octavian, the creator of the "Paulstretch" DSP utility.
More info about "Paulstretch" here:

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