I'm a 'mix VJ.' I don't create motion graphics using Jitter or Quartz Composer, I'm just a film enthusiast/remix artist. I take pride in how I mix images together and time them with music...not for creating the clips. I do shoot a lot of my own clips and music videos, but my passion as a VJ lies in re-contextualizing images and entertaining the audience.

When mixing I often use material from people's videos that I like, and in turn I allow people to download most of my videos.

I've 'Set Roles' in the Credits here for some of the creators of the content. Some of the footage I downloaded from fellow Vimeans, some from Archive.org, some I've ripped from movies, some I've shot myself, etc.

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Salon Pearl is a small, chill little Techno club located in Downtown Montreal.

This excerpt of my mix was early in the night with DJ Ryan Lazanis. The party was the March edition of 'Tek Mission' featuring Hakim Guelmi and Max Walker.

Thanks to Darina Velkova for setting up your camera and capturing this :)

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