[every child you see in this video is either hiv positive or has aids]

before entering this classroom my mind had conjured up images of the desperation and sadness i would see. however, i learned more about beauty and joy from these children than i have from most of my life's experiences.

it is difficult for me to fully explain the experience of meeting those kids. in fact, any words i could say or any video i could make would only be a cheap imitation.

so, i will leave you with a quote that explains what i am trying to say in much more depth than i ever could (although this is a "mystery" that is not possible to FULLY comprehend)

"I do not want ever to be indifferent to the joys and beauties of this life. For through these, as through pain, we are enabled to see purpose in randomness, pattern in chaos. We do not have to understand in order to believe that behind the mystery and the fascination, there is love."
-Madeline L'Engle

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