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The Bee's ten suggestions to assist in saving The Enlightenment:

10:1 Look no further for 'miracles' than that of your own consciousness—your existence—it is a privilege absolutely beyond description.

10:2 Regard yourself as neither superior nor inferior to anything within the Infinite Universe—merely a part of it.

10:3 Avoid needlessly extinguishing life or disturbing natural order within the Infinite Universe—take from it no more than you need.

10:4 The Profound is all around.

10:5 The longevity of your conscious existence is balanced between random chance and your own actions.

10:6 Without exception, every word of every text that exists, has existed or will exist is the product of Human thought.

10:7 Partake freely from the ever-deepening well of Human knowledge and wisdom contained within the written word.

10:8 One moment of remorse is worth more than a lifetime of useless guilt—be aware of, and reflect upon, your innate primatial instincts—nice to nasty.

10:9 As far as practically possible, follow a herbivorous-leaning Palaeolithic-inspired diet, while choosing to utilize self-powered mobility at every opportunity.

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