Blast Media, the new Creative Digital Studio in Montreal, is proud to present its most recent 3D animated film. This film was created to market a new Canadian invention, a security device for motorcyclists.

Our mandate was to transform into a concrete vision and show the benefits of a suit that existed only as a concept. Blast media intended to make the scenes and animation as close to reality as possible, to draw the viewer in, and also to communicate the benefits the most clearly and believably possible. We set the action in a realistic 3D environment, including an entire forest, spanning virtually 10 kilometer long.

Serge Mineo, who Directed the film, aimed to create a strong sense of suspense and drama, with stark camera angles and a suspenseful pace.

François Beaudry, who is the Vfx supervisor at Blast Media, was in charge of all the modeling, texturing, rigging and lighting, and bringing this film closer to life.

Blast Media would also like to thank, Nicolas Pinet, Octavio Kubick, Bernie Denk and Horia Trandafir, for their great assistance on the animation and modeling.

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