This is a personal project I did during Fall '09. The MINI Project is a time lapse of my first road trip in the US. I drove non-stop(gas stops of course) from College Station(TX) to Charlotte(NC). The main inspiration behind the project was to show my brother, who I was visiting the shorter version of the trip. The results actually surprised me for the fact that the baby seat holders of my MINI actually held the tripod rock steady. I liked the night time results because they are more vibrant and the light in the image looks more dynamic. The time lapse gives an illusion that the car is still and the the surroundings are moving around it. The ticking clock, the pulsating large speedometer and the occasional appearance of the phone adds interest to the frame.

When I got back and showed the initial renderings of the project to my professors, they suggested that I should make this into an installation where the viewer can immerse oneself into the imagery.

I started working on the installation for our annual show Viz-A-GoGo 16. My basic idea for the installation was to use a curved screen as if it is the windshield of a car and the audience can experience the imagery by sitting on car seats. I made the curved screen at the CARC(TAMU) Wood Shop with the help of Chuck Tedrick and James Titus. A local junk yard owner was kind enough to loan me two car seats for the installation. For sound I was able to get permission from the Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman to use a song from the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" as a background track.

The video featured here is a shorter version of the original which does not have the original sound track due to copyright agreements and fair use principles.

I wish to thank everyone who helped me with this project.

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