So these are many premieres at once. It's a remake of an old non realtime piece I did in processing:

So now lets come to the things new:

- first time using c++ (openFrameworks)
- first time using rtt and Shaders in OpenGL
- first time using live Sound Input

OpenFrameworks is really awesome even though I didnt use any of its texture/image funtions since I wanted to write all the openGL parts by myself. The piece runs completely realtime at my MBPs fullscreen resolution of 1440 x 900.

It uses realtime sound input. Thats why I had to film it off my screen. I might do a prerendered version of it in a few days. Using live input has alot of advantages since the bubbles react on microphone input the same way as they do to the music. (so you could use it for installation purposes)

Sorry for the crappy video/resolution.

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