christine and ben are one of those couples that have a blast together in whatever they do. the morning of the wedding they wanted to go for a hike together (which is something they frequently do together) and decided to also pick up some senior's scooters for their grandparents to get around yosemite. the walk was rather reflective and romantic, but as soon as the scooters were revealed, pure mayhem broke out. you can see where ben's daughter, who was doing random interviews throughout the weekend, get's it from :)

being a same day edit, it is often tough to weave together so many different elements of the day into one cohesive piece. for christine and ben, i couldn't be happier with how everything just seemed to fit so perfectly and tie into each other.

the soundtrack is 'NADUS 03C spring' by daniel dixon, licensed through

shot with the steadicam zephyr (prototype), MKIV, and 7d. almost entirely shot on L-series primes. audio through on board rode video mics or wireless lavs into a zoom h4n. oh, and one more gear comment. i am absolutely in love with the image of the second last shot (the first kiss) shot with the MKIV and canon 50 f1.2.


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