This is a story of a man on his deathbed telling his son the truth about how he survived World War II.

Written by Marisa Schlussel, this was created as part of her Media Sound and Visual class at Expression College with her lab group.

Ivan Spane as Ben Hoffman
Vincent Leddy as Jakob Hoffman
Nick Fargo as Nazi Soldier
Andrew Schlussel as Young Ben Hoffman
Parker Schlussel as Young Jakob Hoffman
Marisa Schlussel as Young Mother Hoffman
Tiffany Tchobian as Nurse
Produced by Shanti Jones

Directed and Edited by:
Dominic R.S. Hill
Jilliene K. Tongson
Marisa Schlussel
Raymond Yee
Tesfaledet Mesgoun

Written by Marisa Schlussel

Music By
Dominic R.S. Hill
Shanti Jones
Raymond Yee

Thanks to Expression College

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