Is it possible to produce an electronic "Fountain of Youth"? Many people have believed so and this video is an exploration of the concepts Georges Lakhovsky pondered during development of his Multiple Wave Oscillator technology.

Lakhovsky, a great natural scientist, surmised that cancerous conditions were brought about by interference in the flow of cosmic rays through living bodies, caused by geological or other forces. He worked to bring cells back into their healthy resonant state by building specialized equipment that created a wide band of electro-magnetic waves that harmonized with living matter.

The original Multi-Wave Oscillator was designed and built by French engineer, Georges Lakhovsky from the 1920s to the 1940s. Lakhovsky viewed the nucleus of the cell with it's "filament strands" as being similar to an electronic oscillating circuit, capable of sending and receiving vibratory information. Lakhovsky believed that every cell in the body has its own rate of internal vibration.

He viewed disease or illness as a battle of vibrations between the cells of the body versus viruses and bacteria. If the pathogenic organisms won this vibrational contest, the cells would become energetically weakened and more susceptible to disease. According to Lakhovsky, the way to counter this vibrational attack was to introduce a broad spectrum of RF (radio frequency) harmonic energies into the system and then, through the principle of sympathetic resonance, each cell would pick out exactly the proper frequency needed to reinforce its own internal vibration and the healthy cell would be more resistant to vibrational attack from virus and bacteria. His method of achieving this was by means of his invention that is known today as the MWO

This video shows me demonstrating and describing many different types of MWO's built in an attempt to reproduce Lakhovsky's original results of the reduction of cancerous conditions in living bodies.

More information is on my website where you can also see a short video clip from a 1940's newsreel showing a real Lakhovsky MWO in operation in a New York clinic.

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