TITLE: Artifice
SONGS: "The Singularity Is Near (Instrumental)" & "Monsters Under My Bed (Instrumental)" by Mars Argo (grocerybag.tv)
SOFTWARE USED: Cinema 4D, After Effects

This is my senior thesis project for my degree in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics. I was told that while my work was all very well done, it all had a very commercial, crisp feel to it. I was encouraged by my professors to really break out of my comfort zone and try to create something more expressive and "gritty." So I came up with the concept of the rose in a glass sphere. The rose represents the more organic and beautiful ideas that I've had since I began working in design. The glass sphere represents the encasing I've put around these ideas (meaning, my own lack of motivation to really pursue them). The entire concept is based around the idea of wrapping your head around the process and getting caught up in the technical side of making your ideas come to life.

The video on the television screen was shot by Mars Argo themselves. It can be viewed in it's original format here: vimeo.com/5534594

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