For Erick de Lyon, the memory of a walking trip to Rome together with a friend was the source of inspiration for this spatial manuscript.

‘…the road continues
you have to search for streets, roads lead to a destination
a step diagonally forwards is also forwards
the south is the unknown friend
there where the sun is at twelve o’clock
and in the evening draw the line on the map
in turns
we walk from one map into the other…’

Foundation Vedute collects representations of space, as a visualized idea, in a three-dimensional object in the strict programme of 44 x 32 x 7 cm. Vedute was founded in 1991. At this moment the collection consists of 173 manuscripts that are housed at the Nederlands Architectuur Instituut, NAi in Rotterdam.

Filmed by Roberto Rizzo/Peter van der Heijden"

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