What is it?
"The Show Goes On" is a simply a music video of pictures and highlights of the previous basketball season of the University of Kansas Jayhawks Men's basketball team. It is not a professional video of any kind and I make no money off of doing this. It is strictly for fun and a labor of love. The video usually starts out with photos and then transitions into video highlights. Everything is synced to the music, so listen to the words of the song ;-)

Who Am I?
Just one of the millions of members of the Jayhawk Nation! I am not a professional when putting things together by any means. I don't have any professional multimedia equipment, nor have I had any training or classes on how to do these sorts of things.

How Did "The Show Goes On" Come About?
The basic answer is: by accident. Three years ago I purchased some new software for putting together videos of my children. However, when I bought it, I didn't have any ideas or enough photos of the children to start using the software right away. I wanted to test it, so I started throwing pictures of KU basketball together to music. I started working on the timings, effects, etc. By the end of the basketball season, I realized I had put together a video that covered the entire year. I never thought I'd get to enter it in a contest so this is pretty special.

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