This is a video we made with no money and very little time. We wanted people to see a video without costumes and without special effects so that they could better understand why exactly we need money to make a short film, Alike in Dignity: A Super Love Story, this summer. We have a page on Kickstarter where we are trying to raise the funds and we'd really appreciate you taking a moment and checking it out, and if you like this video, just imagine what we could do with a little more time and money! Our Kickstarter page:


Daniel W Ballard
Tim Kuhn
Daniel P Ballard
Alexandra Moore
Katie Saunders
Jeff Smith
Jacie Hood
Christian Schmoker

With Jami Van Winkle on lights and Matthew Tibbenham as Cameraman

Music by Kevin MacLeod (

Edited by Daniel W Ballard

Directed by Daniel P Ballard

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