For our seventh chapter in our FRAME Interviews series, we caught up with the fastest BMX racer in Asia, Steven Wong. Steven took the Gold medal at the 5th East Asian games late last year as well as winning the ASIAN BMX Championships 2 years in a row previously. Steven currently travels internationally competing in the worlds top BMX competitions with the 2012 Olympics in his sights.

We asked Steven about how he got into cycling, riding other bikes and being a Pro racer representing Hong Kong.

We managed to sit down to talk to Steven as well as seeing Steven's explosive power on the track first hand.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?
2. When did you start riding bikes?
3. Do you ride other types of bikes like Road bikes or MTB?
4. When did you start officially racing BMX and where was your first race? First win?
5. Do you find it hard to train or be competitive riding/racing BMX in HK?
6. With new skate parks being built in HK, we heard that BMX (or any bikes) are NOT allowed to share these facilities, why do you think this is the case?
7. What do you get up to other than cycling?
8. How many bikes do you have? Whats your favourite bike?
9. Where do you think cycling is going? In Hong Kong as well as Globally?

Special Thanks to
Steven Wong
and his sponsors

Release Date : 24 MAY 2010

[FRAME] Chapter Seven crew

Music : Miles Away [Johnny Vicious Club Remix]

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