it is believed that cocoa tree was discovered years ago in Americas rain forests .
as for who discovered it ? and how they used it ?
it is alleged that the Mayans and the Aztecs were among the first to discover it and they used it to make a drink
However . later on, when the Spanish explorers discovered America . they fell for the taste of the cocoa drink and took some back with them to Spain , where new recipes were made . consequently . it was spread to Europe and then to the whole world to be one of the most popular flavours .

Graphics supervisor Ghaith Akda
Graphics Mr Basha
Supervision & photography Bassam Mssalatie
Editing ATTA. khalid
First color corrector Osama.Kamal
Second color corrector Ayman Younis
Digital Technician Assistant Yzen.attas
Camera assistance Yaser Al mesri
Dolly Haidar al Hilli.
Camera Assistant studio : Yaser Zakkor
Props: Syntahue Beke
Studio setup :Sama Abdullah
production house

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