Lineman's Handset
Cable Descramblers and Filters
Podcasting on the Cheap

"Lineman's Handset" used a lineman's handset, Bell model 500 rotary telephone, and a telephone wall jack. Both the handset and the phone were wired to the wall jack. To relay sound so the camera could hear it, a recorder telephone pickup (Radioshack part 44-583) and a mini audio amplifier (Radioshack part 277-1008) were used.

"Cable Descramblers and Filters" showed two Scientific Atlanta boxes from the 1990s, a later Scientific Atlanta box, and a newer Motorola box. This segment also made use of an in-line coaxial filter.

"Podcasting on the Cheap" used a 4-channel stereo microphone mixer (Radioshack part 32-2056), three unidirectional microphones each with an XLR to 1/4 inch jack cord, an rca audio cable, an rca to 1/8 inch jack cable, a computer microphone, two corded headsets, and an AC/DC adapter.

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