Sweden for Beginners by
Anders Weberg and Robert Willim


Short sample from performance at the re-new digital arts festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 20, 2010.

SfB will only be performed live.
The set is around 40 minutes.
Questions/bookings: please contact anders.weberg@gmail.com

SfB is an imaginative journey through the spaces, the life and everyday world of this Scandinavian country, a way to experience beyond the power of words.

Artists Anders Weberg and Robert Willim have used fieldrecordings and material from various Swedish settings to form an audiovisual live performance.

The artwork will be surrealized as an affective exposé through live improvisation. Stereotypes of Sweden, like the Bergmanesque gloom, erotica and nature romanticism will be invoked in this imaginary journey through Sweden of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Anders Weberg & Robert Willim have an extensive experience in producing artworks. Their common works have been exhibited and screened worldwide in a large number of contexts.

Anders Weberg is artist and filmmaker specialized in the expressions that digital technologies provide. He mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of visual media. Currently based in Malmö in the south of Sweden he has exhibited at numerous art festivals, galleries, and museums internationally, both individually and together with Willim.

Robert Willim is sound artist as well as associate professor of European Ethnology at Lund University, Sweden. In his work he mix scientific aproaches with artistic expressions. Willim’s role as a researcher dealing with Swedish culture is an important ingredient giving SfB it’s specific character.

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