Pilfering from the traditions of vaudeville, dance and performance art, Trevor Martin and Kym Olsen slip from monologue to dance, trousers to dresses, female to male, in a collection of 29 related incidents. A HERETIC'S PRIMER ON LOVE & EXERTION examines a complex social psychology - questioning the colonization of the human body for various political, medical and religious agendas.

Embracing the unique concerns of adapting a stage performance to the film medium, 'A Heretic's Primer on Love & Exertion' is not documentation, but rather a reshaping of performative investigations into an original filmic work. Stealing inspiration from the live works of Martin and Olsen (Morganville), attention was shifted in filming to the potential of interactive cinematography. Camera movement and discontinuous editing are used to transport the viewer to multiple locations and time frames, slipping in & out of narrative logic.

"My own pantheon of 'really good dance films' is very small but A Heretic's Primer went into the pantheon and has stayed there ever since."
-- David Hinton, Film Director

Webpage: hairlessfilms.org/heretics_primer.html

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