Appropriate and Replicable Techonology

When designing Sustainable Aid solutions in the third world, there are 4 important factors to consider if you are going to introduce a new technology:

1. Can you use materials that are inexpensive or free, that are easily accessible and safe?

2. Will it have a tangible positive effect for the community as well as the aid organisation?

3. Most importantly is it repeatable? ( ie: If you build a grand-darble-dooble-funky and leave can anyone build another one? If it breaks down, can anyone repair it?)

4. How can the technology be integrated to solve other problems or connect other elements and therefore become more productive?

*recorded from Rick's 'Sustainable Aid' lecture during March 2010 Permaculture Design Course in Leongatha South.
** features original footage from Overseas Aid trip to Mexico 1998.
*** the music you hear was recorded on that trip and is the sound of the villagers singing and working together as they put the principles they are learning into immediate action.

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