Video taken last night of the Solstice Moon.

I originally attempted to head down to Seal Beach to better catch the moon coming up on the horizon, but when I arrived the fog rolled in very heavy and blocked my shot of the sky.

I returned back to Lakewood and climbed up on the roof with a tripod to capture as much of the horizon moon as I could. However, due to Lakewood being more inland (and surrounded by more trees) I had a hard time catching it at the lower horizon. A few minutes before my first capture the moon was huge and orange, it had a sun set like appearance!

This month's full moon is very close to the summer solstice so the ponzo illusion (where moon appears larger closer to the horizon) of this full moon the should be more noticeable than others.

More about the illusion here:

Tech Info: HF10, FXP, Spotlight Mode, (Cheap) Tripod... Edited/Increased Speed in Vegas Pro 8.0b, output to 1280x720 H.264 @ 4mbps no audio.

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