This is the response to a brief set around the topic of urban landscapes, and was completed between May 18th 2010 - May 24th 2010.

The general idea behind the piece was to signify presence through absence, utilising the camera as an outward looking brick, mapping out the external surface of an urban structure without looking at the structure itself.

It was also intended to depict the city as a construction composed of pieces of the past, and a perpetually growing entity that gradually overwhelms and occupies the space within and around itself.

Obviously due to time restraints and physical limitations it was not possible to map out the area of an entire building, and so a smaller more suitable object was chosen instead (a small stone cube).

Each face of the object was divided up into a grid, and over the course of several days, short snippets of footage were captured from the various coordinates.

Once all of the footage had been collected the clips were reduced down to 1 second 'bricks' with the original sound retained.

Unfortunately the end result is not quite as effective as hoped, but this boils down to a combination of human error and the camera to object ratio.

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