Bradley Charanza and Jackie Paul
Sat. April 17, 2010
San Antonio, TX

The Engagement is a short clip that I made documenting my proposal to the most beautiful girl in my life, Jackie Paul. I am so excited about our engagement that I want to shout it from a mountain top. And since there are no mountains in central Texas, I decided to post this on vimeo to show the world!

I actually started filming this days before my proposal. I tricked Jackie into helping me film some of the video. I told her the video was for my art class. So when we were walking around the couch in the living room filming each other, she has no idea that I'm actually using the footage for our engagement video. Hehehe.

The miracle of the whole thing is that she did not suspect a thing. Even when I was acting so awkward at dinner. Now I am a pretty awkward guy at times, but that night I was extra awkward. However she still ended up staying yes. I have to say, I am the luckiest guy in world to have such an awesome fiancé. She's my world.

"Diamonds" - Klint
"A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)" - Elvis Presley

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