Our assignment in our high school junior physics class was to take 15 pictures of things that demonstrated physics concepts. Pictures are boring, so we made a film.

Jake Ritter and I (PD Gilmore) wrote the script, then got together with our friend David Grieder, a sophomore, and set out to film.

It should be noted that none of us are particularly good with British accents, but we're all fans of British comedy group Monty Python, and had determined to make all the characters British. It's supposed to be set in England. It occurred to me to flip all of the shots with cars in them, but it seemed like it would probably not be worth the effort, and there weren't cars in fifteenth-century England anyway, so plausibility was already shot to hell.

The whole thing is a bit tongue-in-cheek about the fact that fifteenth-century England looks a whole lot like the twenty-first-century suburban United States.

Shooting took about four hours and editing took a week due to technical problems. Pardon the horrible sound work, as I don't have a proper microphone to use with my camcorder.

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