This is a response to my video Israel is a Nazi Enterprise/Experiment.

See the BOOK OF ISAIAH principally for Jewish concept of Tzi'yon.


See: English Admiralty Court Acts hold sway in Israel on this page:

Peter Gad Naschitz's credentials:

See the BOOK OF ISAIAH principally for the Jewish concept Tzi'yon.

Glorious things of thee are spoken,
Zion, city of our God
is the opening lines of the *German national anthem*, "Das Deutschlandlied ("The Song of Germany") also known as "Das Lied der Deutschen" or "The Song of the Germans"), has been used wholly or partially as the national anthem of Germany since 1922.

Poem "Jerusalem" by Wm. Blake

Zionism and Herzl: The Anti-Semitic Side of Zionism

The Ringworm Children:

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