"350 Climate Action Day" is a global event held by the International "350" organization. On November 24, 2009, one of those numerous events took place in Manhattan Beach, California. The South Bay 350 Climate Action Group organized the rally to raise awareness about climate change and encourage all citizens, businesses, and governments to take actions to reduce their carbon emissions. Many other local and global organizations joined in the effort. Among others, Surfrider Foundation, Sierra Club, Heal The Bay, and GreenPeace... After a series of speeches, a waving human tide was formed by thousands attending, not only demonstrating that there is a growing public desire to act on climate change, but also sending a clear message to the leaders of the world. In anticipation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2009. The 350 Climate Action Day gave people across the globe the opportunity to call on governments to agree to an ambitious treaty that will deal effectively with humanity's greatest challenge of the 21 century. According to the group, the number "350" symbolizes the number which scientists use to describe the maximum allowable amount of CO2 in parts per million (ppm) that our planet's atmosphere can sustain before irreparable harm is caused. Citing studies that show the current CO2 level is hovering near 390 ppm, the group intends to seek the support of others to help rally around the world to encourage the public and world leaders to take notice that CO2 levels must be reduced as soon as possible to avoid an irreversible tipping point.

Reporter Dan Fritz

Written, Produced, and Directed by Nadine Froger

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Edited by Jim Bromley

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