Group thesis by Mari Setbacken, Lisa Barry, and Sonja Igusa. Made at Ringling College of Art and Design, 2010.

Thesis Breakdown:


00:00-00:39 Mari Setbacken

00:40-00:54 Lisa Barry

00:55-00:59 Sonja Igusa

01:00-01:11 Lisa Barry

01:12-01:17 Sonja Igusa

01:18-01:20 Mari Setbacken

01:21-01:29 Sonja Igusa

01:30-01:31 Mari Setbacken

01:32-01:38 Sonja Igusa

01:39-01:41 Lisa Barry

01:42-02:07 Sonja Igusa

02:08-02:09 Lisa Barry

02:10-02:23 Sonja Igusa

02:24-02:39 Lisa Barry

02:30-03:01 Mari Setbacken

03:02-03:24 Lisa Barry

Modeling/Rigging/Texturing and Design:

Mari Setbacken: The Knight, and the Bike Shop building,
including the computer desk, coffee table, and accoutrements

Sonja Igusa: The Girl, the rest of the Bike Shop (including all textures),
The Castle, The “Ribbon Tree” and the Goblins.

Lisa Barry: Starchaser the horse, Starchaser the bike. Background Elements
For the “Ambush” area.


Mari Setbacken: The Bike Shop, and the darker Castle lighting

Sonja Igusa: Castle lighting

Lisa: Castle lighting, “Ambush Point” Lighting, Sunset Lighting

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