This video is the third in a series of videos where various users with different backgrounds have tested and commented my thesis prototype.

During this video Kirill Ismagulov tests versions: v0.2, v0.3 and v0.4 of the current prototype I have made.

The technologies being used are a combination of a NeuroSky MindSet, a Nintendo Wiimote and a Nintendo Balance Board. The software used for making this application work is Unity3D and GlovePIE.

At the end of the user testing there is a brief co-design session where Kirill states his ideas and gives his opinion about the current versions he has tested, as well as possible enhancements.

The video is recorded using CamTasia to record the screen and a digital camera to record the user's actions which have been synchronised in Adobe Premiere.

The language spoken in this video is Dutch as it is the native language of all the users (Belgian nationality) but I have added English subtitles.

This project was made as a Thesis Prototype by Brian Cox 2009-2010 @ C-MD

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