Wreck & Salvage uploaded Kevin Bewersdorf's track 'I'm Bruce Willis' to kick off their Mix & Match remix/mashup Group here on Vimeo. Great track - funny stuff.
"You can't stop me / Roof of Nakatomi / People say they know me but those people don't know me
I roll up in that limo / Kill all of them Euros
In that ventilation shaft shoot out that window"
In fact, your viewing experience will be greatly enhanced by reading all the lyrics. And by having seen Die Hard an appropriate number of times.

it's 7am saturday morning - but i was awake early, so i thought i'd do an easy one to get the ball rolling on the Group before my girls wake up. no imagination involved - it's Bruce, singing. just trawled the youtube hoping there'd be some great camp clips from the good old David & Maddy days that I could literally just mix & match in a few minutes, laid down in iMovie with a couple of little trims for timing. the pixellated dissolves and non-sensical transitions between scenes are 100% Moonlighting. ah, those were the days.

48 mins from inception to upload - this shit don't have to be hard work y'all. if you're prepared to just do a redub. with a bit of tweaking, serendipity will look after the rest :)

The Mix & Match Group is at:

And Kevin's music is at:

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