2010, adapted for the stage from the short film “Mi Sposeresti Tu?”

That sound of the wedding flute, that plaintive melody, are they real or has he dreamed them? An Adam of today lapses into an archaic state and experiences an anguished dejà vú: having soffocated HER in a tremendous embrace. At the light of a new day he will find his identity again.
LACRIME ANTICHE tells about the devided Androgyne, the One we once were and who leads us to other mythological couples and their archetypes: Adam and Lilith, Amor and Psyche, Daphne and Phoebus.

choreography & dancers
Barbara Geiger and Franco Reffo

with the participation of
Francesco Meola

Stefano De Ponti

Kronos Quartett

lighting design
Domenico Cicchetti

NUT, NectarStudio, Campo Teatrale

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