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This film is from an archive of Jack Hargreaves' 'Out of Town' series on Southern Television made in the early 1970s, and prepared, in May 2010, by Jennie Constable and colleagues at the South West Film and Television Archive (SWFTA) in Plymouth. JH, my stepfather, met Richard Hill who had invented an 'exploding' bait box for delivering ground bait more efficiently than the conventional rubbi-dubbi bag normally slid down the anchor chain when sea-angling - in this case for Black Bream off Littlehampton on the south coast of England. The boat is owned by Charlie Fox. Also on the boat is Eddie Woods and Jack's cameraman Stan Bréhaut who never lets his shadow, on this sunny day at sea, appear in the picture. Stan's work for 'Out of Town' - was one side of a superlative partnership of cameraman and commentator which ran over twenty years. His filming is to be recognised by the slight movement that shows even when out a sea since Stan worked with an old handheld Arri, which, by the way, limited him to 100ft rolls of film - just over two minutes - a restriction making it trickier to catch some of the moments that are a part of the character of these episodes. The novelist Graham Hurley who as a younger man worked for Jack, wrote 'but this kind of discipline bred a fiercely economic shooting style and meant that rarely a shot was ever wasted. Nowadays, of course, most video cameraman graduate straight from the Fire Brigade school of location work and simply hose the thing around on the assumption that post-production might salvage a shot of two from the wreckage.'

Note: I came across this film in 2010 courtesy of John Peters, a neighbour of Richard and Wendy Hill. John made it his business to find out the location of this 'Out of Town' episode which Richard and his family were keen, thirty five years later to see. He traced it to the collection of 16mm film that had been deposited by JH's friend Nick Wright in the South West Film and Television Archive, after Nick had moved house and no longer had room for so much raw material. John traced me, as the copyright holder, of my stepfather's films and books. Until he did that detective work my existence was unknown to Jennie Constable and colleagues at the Archive, and I was ignorant of what of JH’s films and tapes they held, indeed didn't even know they were there. So Richard's original wish to see himself again on film, started off a wider search by myself and a small group of enthusiasts who've been in touch with me over the past two years, for original episodes of 'Out of Town' and 'Old Country' and even original 'Gone Fishing' episodes from the 1960s – ideally on a master tape or if not, one that could be assembled by splicing off-air recordings made by viewers to the archive's 16mm film and quarter inch reel-to-reel sound tapes.

Note: 'Out of Town' was a programme that ran for half an hour every Friday evening for twenty-one years on Southern Television, between 1960 and 1981. Its successor was called 'Old Country' which ran for three years on Channel 4 in the early 1980s. The only versions of 'Out of Town' that have been commercially available are a series that Jack made in 1986 for domestic viewing on video tape and later DVD. The introductory shots in this series are recognisable because unlike earlier versions of JH's programmes he used his real shed next to Raven Cottage, Belchalwell in Dorset and from there spoke a different commentary over 27 archive location films by Stan Bréhaut that had originally been shown on the Southern TV version of OOT.

Out of Town DVDs are now available from outoftown-dvd.co.uk

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