3 minute UNCSA Sculpture Class Performance Piece Designed and Directed by Trina Tyler.

April 22, 2010

We spend our whole lives struggling with walls. We try to climb over them and break through them. We put walls up in front of other people and we tear down walls that should not be torn down. As we dance through life, we may become disheartened and weakened by the struggles, the destruction, the rebellion, and the exhaustion that we experience as we destroy and create these boundaries. These fights of constant confusion caused by the desire to destroy and reach past the walls are the substance of beauty. These battles are the essence of life—the activities of the mind and body that make life interesting and unpredictable—that compel us to live. Along the way, we may recognize that happiness comes from the excitement of the struggle and also the peaceful realization that everything we desire is and has always been within reach. This is not passive acceptance. This is realization and understanding.

Performer in Garment....... Trina Tyler
Viola ............................... Sean Mulligan
Light Operator ................. Lucy Clark

Special Thanks to:
Rachel Armstrong, EG Garcia,
Sean Mulligan, and Greg Shelnutt

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