This is a little teaser for an audio visual interactive installation I'm working on for Glastonbury 2008. It'll be projected around the entire (almost) 65ft interior of a 50ft round tent with multiple channels of audio. Everyone inside will be contributing to the audio/visual experience. Located behind the Laundrettas' crashed plane / laundrette in Trash City.

Everything is entirely camera driven and realtime. Originally started this app in processing, but realized I needed as much power as possible (to simultaneously analyze 6 camera feeds and create graphics to cover the 65ft interior) so switched to C++ / OpenFrameworks. Not using the GPU as much as I'd liked due to time restraints, v2 will be fully GPU hopefully ;). More info on the software and installation at .

Just a reminder, this isn't some random trippy visuals set to a piano soundtrack... I'm playing a virtual piano by waving my hands and fingers around in the air (which also moves the fluid and particles around as well) :P

Original Quartz Composer demo for this at

UPDATE: Installation footage can be seen at:

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