This project was created in 2010 as a final/group project proof of skills assignment.

School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Department: Computer Arts, VFX
Class: Compositing for Motion Graphics 2
Instructor: Colin Evoy Sebestyen

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire. Nature’s elements were the theme for our project. We abstracted the visual and emotional characteristics of each element using limited color palettes (by element), simple geometry and animation in Cinema 4D, particle systems, a focus on movement, lighting and composition, with final compositing in After Effects and edited to music/sound. Structured as a grand experiment, the members of our group individually worked on separate “elements” for the animation, all the while sharing techniques, assets, and a fixed style guide for consistency between our varying sequences. The process was broken down into three phases: experimentation and establishing the style guide, Cinema 4D production, and final animation, editing, compositing in After Effects. Our goal for this 6 week project was to produce a 1-2 minute cohesive motion graphics animation based upon our experimentation and collaboration.

The song is “Oddly Space” by the artist Kattoo.

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