This is the first prototype of an interactive digital game with a physical slingshot controller.
I built a simple sling shot that consists a rubber band – stretch sensor – attached to a Y shape wood.
Users physically stretch the rubber band to control the simulated slingshot on the screen.
The elastic energy generated by the “shooter” stretching the rubber is determined by the serial analog values from the stretch sensor and stored in the elastic digital band as the stone is drawn back. After the slingshot is released, the stored elastic energy is transferred to the digital stone as kinetic energy.
The content of the game would be environmentally friendly, rather then a violent slingshot fight! The challenge would be to Fight CO2 emissions bubbles!!
This small game aims to educate players through a physical and playful interaction about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emission. The users would interact with the sling-shot to remove CO2 emission icons from the virtual sky.

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