On Tuesday 25 May, GDFB organizes a seminar with presentations by seven national and international designers and scientists. They will give deeper insight on the Decoding theme. By means of everyday examples and results from research, they will show how the increasing digitalization influences and changes the field of the graphic designer.

By the ever expanding accessibility of information and the increasing communication possibilities, the media landscape changes fast. What is the effect on the craft of designing? How can we handle that in an innovative and at the same time socially responsible way? The speakers give insight on developments on i.e. Open source software and DIY hardware. Sharing knowledge and cooperating with other professionals is now mandatory. Designers are now more often directors in a process instead of producers of a result.

Sven Ehmann is creative director at Gestalten Verlag, The German publisher of books like Dataflow, Playful Type and Papercraft. At the seminar, Sven will give understanding in current developments, approaches and attitudes, embraced by artists. His story tells about ‘Visual Storytelling’, or the visual language now used and developed by designers, illustrators and/or graphic editors for newspapers and magazines.

Intro-animation made by WITH.

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